Brett Gajda

Jeff was a good man, and a man with a heart made to love. My experience of him was always kind and generous, and at times when others might be on their last straw, Jeff was patient, compassionate, and giving. He deserved all the love he received, and received it because he gave it in such volumes.

We live in a world where people's successes are often gauged by financial wealth and social status, instead of one's capacity to love and want the best for others. I believe that the latter is the true measure of success, and Jeff was successful beyond words. He was simple in the beautiful way that he didn't "make" life complex, because it is not. It is just about loving and being loved. I think he felt that, and I experienced him that way.

I believe that this lifetime is just one stop in a journey of many, many lifetimes. Each one has a purpose, and when each purpose is complete, we move on. In the wake of our departure there is pain, and I also believe there is hope, gratitude, and celebration. Hope for what is next for Jeff and the incredible journey he is still on. Gratitude for the time we had with him and gifts we received. And celebration of the life we have now and the ways in which he lives on through us.

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