David Rowland

Wow. To be honest, I do not know where to begin so here we go…

First of all, I really want to thank the people that setup this wiki site to express their feelings and have the ability to share stories and pictures of Jeff. We all know that Jeff was a total geek and not a nerd AND I know that he would not want for us to post out thoughts any other way.

Well I met Jeff and Tiff several years ago, before they were married and moved to Australia. I interviewed him at Evite for a Sr. Java position and had little idea of how intelligent and well versed Jeff was in the JAVA language. Man, he really knew his stuff. Within months, I gave him pretty much free reign for the entire Evite website and he just crushed it. Not only that, he really mentored many, many developers within Evite and other IAC organizations!!! I must say that I have never worked with someone as passionate about the web and JAVA than Jeff. Not only that, this guy was a great friend. HE really knew how to mentor other individuals and so many people looked up to him. In my career, I have only met a handful of people that are as smart, hardworking and as fun as Jeff.

Obviously, I have so many great memories of Jeff and think about how he influenced sooo many people. With his passion for adventure, Internet and all around great attitude he is a role model for so many individuals. Jeff, I will always remember the impact that you had on my life and so many others. On behalf of the Gifts.com and Evite.com teams, we miss you tremendously!!!!

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