Dr Grace

I see Jelo, and I see two arms in front of him, elbows bent, fingers curled, palms facing me as I stand in front of him, and making side-to-side motions (like spastic windshield wipers). His eyes are wide open, and his smile so huge, the word "Cheeeeese" doesn't even come CLOSE to it's shine and magnitude. If anyone has seen Walace and Grommit, it was exactly that - Walace excited about a great Gouda. We would do that back to one another anytime something yummy (like an amazing bottle of wine), funny, or comforting (like seeing he and Tiffy after much time has passed) was to be celebrated. In my mind, this is Jelo! Big huge grin, smiling eyes, and that goofy (and PERfect) high pitched 3-syllable laugh… just three little "Hhhummm hhhummm hhuummm's." I just LOVE those - and will hear them in my heart and mind for all my days. Love you, Jelo. Love you, Tiffy.

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