Formatting Examples

This is a page containing many examples of how to create page elements. The simple wiki markup code used to insert these elements is included below the examples. You can always edit any page to look at the code used to create it.

For full information of wiki syntax there is an excellent wiki markup syntax page on the Wikidot website


Links can be created to other wiki pages either by raw page titles ( formatting-examples ) or descriptive page names, and to external sites either by URL ( ) external sites.

Raw code for above:

Links //can// be created to other wiki pages either by raw page titles ( [[[formatting-examples]]] ) or [[[formatting-examples | descriptive page names]]], and to external sites either by URL ( ) [ external sites].

Text Formatting

Text can be formatted as bold, italic, underlined, struckthough, teletype (monospaced) text, superscript, or subscript. It can also be set to many different sizes and colors.

Raw code for above:

Text can be formatted as **bold**, //italic//, __underlined__, --struckthough--, {{teletype (monospaced) text}}, ^^superscript^^, or ,,subscript,,. It can also be set to [[size smaller]]many[[/size]] [[size larger]]different[[/size]] [[size 150%]]sizes[[/size]] ##blue|and## ##FF2233|colors##.

You can also use the wysiwyg editor buttons or even ctrl- shortcuts to format text (e.g. ctrl-b for bold).


Photos can be embedded directly in to the wiki but the preferred method for adding photos is to upload them to Flickr and link to the Flickr copies. This can be accomplished either by entering the following code, or by using the embed image wizard icon in the page editor: Image_wiz_icon.gif.

Individual images can be embedded at their original size:

[[image flickr:83001279 ]]

Or as thumbnails:

[[image flickr:83001279 size="thumbnail"]]

Or resized:

[[image flickr:83001279 size="small"]]

Multiple photos can be displayed in a gallery format:

: flickr:83001279
: flickr:83001280
: flickr:83001278

These images all link through to the Flickr gallery.

If you don't have a Flickr account moc.stobortog|kcin#kciN tcatnoc for the wiki Flickr account info.

You can also embed linked images from any website (for example ofoto) by simply right-clicking the image, copying the image location and pasting the URL in to the image wizard (Image_wiz_icon.gif).


You can embed YouTube or Google videos directly into the page using the following syntax. The embed video icon Video_icon.gif in the page editor simplifies this process, allowing you to paste in the code that YouTube gives for embedding in a page

<embed style="width:400px; height:326px;" id="VideoPlayback" align="middle" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" quality="best" bgcolor="#ffffff" scale="noScale" salign="TL" FlashVars="playerMode=embedded"> </embed>

If you need help with uploading a video to YouTube please moc.stobortog|kcin#kciN tcatnoc.

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