Kim and Jeremy

We met Jeffany down here in LA through our mutual friends, Wilks & Naomi. We were immediately struck by their genuine friendliness and interest in getting to know us, a quality that can be somewhat rare in this town. We feel so lucky to have had a couple good years with them here in LA before they moved on to Australia.

Jeff always had a wide-eyed smile on his face! He was enthusiastic about life and had a contagious energy that elevated the room. He was a true joy to be around and could always be counted upon for stimulating conversation or just a good laugh! Jeff was a kind, generous person whose love for those in his life shined through him. His passion for his work and his love for Tiffany were above and beyond what most people ever hope to achieve.

Jeff inspired us with his boldness to follow his dream and take a giant leap all the way around the world. We are so proud of the life he and Tiffany were building for themselves in Sydney. The inspiration that we have gathered from Jeff will stay with us throughout our lives and as we get ready to embark on our journey of marriage together. Jeffany will always be in our hearts as the epitome of a solid, loving couple who were the perfect match for each other.

We miss your physical presence, Jeff. Yet, your strong spirit remains with us.

much love always,
Kim & Jeremy

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