Kim Roseman

Jeff was one of the most intelligent, approachable, and capable people I have ever known. At the same time, he was one of the most joyful, hopeful and optimistic. To me, he represented the spirit of “why not”, “be the change you seek in the world” and “make it work”.

When I think of Jeff, I can see his wide eyes and bright smile and I can feel his enthusiasm. I picture him as an astronaut who was also a teacher and a counselor and a story-teller. He was a brave explorer who “boldly went”. He was a competent doer who made things happen and helped support his friend’s dreams.

Jeff and Tiffany went all the way to Australia in search of a dream. In doing so, they thrilled me with their boldness. Even though it was a choice I never would have made, it inspired (and inspires) me to take risks and create positive change in the world for myself and others around me.

Even though Jeff is gone, I carry part of him in my memory, in my heart, in the best parts of me. I will always love him, and I will always miss him.

He was a beautiful star that passed through my sight, and disappeared much to soon.

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