Lance Freeman

When I think about Jelo I can’t help but see that big inviting Cheshire grin. The one that always made me feel welcome and special. Plus when I think of Jelo, I think of Jeffany and Jeff smiling while Tiff lights up the room with her boundless energy and spirit fingers.

In this moment, I do not feel like I got to know him as well as I would have liked, but the impressions that come to me now from our numerous conversations and hangs both sunlit and nocturnal were that he was open, optimistic, creative, generous, supportive, allowing, secure, explorer, teacher, protector, a shrewd observer, a geek with style.

He was a man who truly lived his mission of exploring new experiences and expanding from those places.

He was always brilliant and seemingly on top of his game, but he had this beautiful humility that seemed like he may not have believed that he was the shit, yet he knew that the future possibility was always inevitable.

We often had a love for music in common. Not always the same music, but a love for all music and the space and possibility that it provided. As I imagine Jeff sailing along in the astral, wearing some cool shades and a big grin, with his high tech DJ system, serenading the universe, all I can say is “keep it funky my brutha, Keep it funky.”

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