Los Angeles

In our alabaster skin, I was walking with Jelo on the beach near Santa Monica. He told me how much he and Tiffy loved going there after moving from SF "…and when things are goofy, or it gets too hot, we just can come here! Can't do that in SF." That's what he said - at a time when I was in a huge transition, and getting ready to move to LA. We watched the waves hit the rocks for a while, and returned to Tiffy. Fast forward to today - on the day after "The News," I went to the beach at 7 am, and saw, for my first time in LA, 2 dolphins swimming and jumping toward the Santa Monica pier. I just knew (and felt) Jelo was there. All my love, my friend. Every time I see the LA ocean, you are in my heart, mind and soul. -G

Melissa says: Jelo on a road bike, Tiffy and I sweating bullets to keep up. He was so encouraging, we felt like total rock stars at the end of a grueling climb and descent through the city of angels.

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