Mallika and Andy

We met Jeff & Tiff, or rather Jeffany on their second date and the rest was history.
We shared their journey through San Francisco, as we shared their love of life, music, art, and a good time.
We visited them in LA, loved that town, and them even more.
We loved dancing when Jelo was on the decks, we loved talking science fiction with him, we loved talking science with him and sharing our geekiness!
We loved dressing up with him and Tiff, and we loved being at a party yelling at each other to be heard over the music at 2 am.
We loved being on the beach as Jeffany was getting married, we loved shopping on Melrose with him.
We loved celebrating all our friends with him, we loved sharing meals with him, and we could always talk and talk.
We miss Jelo all the time, we miss sharing his love of life, music, knowledge, and adventure, we miss him so very much.

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