Professional Recommendations

The following are professional recommendations people have left on LinkedIn for Jeff.

Jeff is one of the most intelligent people I've ever had the pleasure to work for. He truly cares for his employees, and he is incredibly perceptive of their unique talents and abilities. He really respects and considers them as colleagues, making him very approachable and easy to work with. You can always count on Jeff's cool head and logical nature to figure things out in a bind.

Eric Berry, Sr. Software Engineer & Engineering Manager, Evite
reported to Jeff at Evite

Jeff is easily the best Director I have ever worked with - his knowledge base, leadership skills, and ability to architect a site with the highest level of efficiency is unparalleled. Jeff is a valuable asset to any organization, and I hope to work with him again in the future.

Branden Dyke, Quality Assurance Manager, Evite
worked directly with Jeff at Evite

Jeff is one of those extremely rare architects who can look at an existing/unstable/archaic system and come up with an outstanding solution, that is elegant, stable, cutting edge and effective. He is a terrific leader and fun to work with.

Krishna Vemuri, Engineering Manager,
reported to Jeff at Evite

I'd say Jeff is one in very few that could take a very unstable and archaic environment and make it new, optimized, versatile, flexible, stable, and bleeding edge (in a good way). Jeff is an impressive troubleshooter and a true platform architect.

Damian Fuentes, Manager of Operations, Evite
worked with Jeff at eVite

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