Random Acts Of Kindness

Tiffany had the idea that the best way to honour Jeff would be to do something kind, perhaps even wonderful, in his name. She asked Nick and Bec if they could come up with Random Act of Kindness cards that the community could carry with them as inspiration. And thus, the card was created…


400 cards were given out on August 16, 2008 to around 80 people. We asked that they think to initial the back of the card when they hand it out and offer to the recipient that if the act inspired them that they should please pay it forward - and put their initials on the back when they do. Hopefully, one of these cards will find its way back to one of us with a bunch of initials on the back testifying to the thread of kindness it produced.

Have you committed a Random Act of Kindness and passed out a card? Do tell….

Rebecca Donaldson's Random Actions
Nick Donaldson's Random Actions

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