Rebecca Donaldson's Random Actions

August 20, 2008

I was in Safeway with both the boys - each doing his best to either grab something off a shelf or vacate the cart. I saw a nice-looking man shopping for wine and using one of the cardboard carriers Safeway has that you can take for free and it holds 6 bottles. The kind environmentalist in me sprang into action. I reached into my big bag of shopping bags and pulled out one of the three wine bags we own.

I pulled out a Jelo Kindness Card and then I had a frantic search for a pen in my purse while still keeping Aiden and Orion corralled within the cart.

I found the pen and pushed the cart over to the man. I said, "Here have a wine bag." He thanked me graciously and I explained that I was happy to do this and that several of us were doing random acts of kindness in the name of a friend we'd lost. I initialed the back of the card in front of him and handed it over. I said that if he was inspired by it then please pay it forward and remember to initial the card - we're hoping that one finds its way back to us with a lot of initials on the back.

He was very receptive so I hope he'll think to pass it on.

It was fun to do this!

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