Rebecca Whitworth

I have so much to share how much I adored Jeff Elo and still do. My enduring love will never end and he will be in my presence for as long as I am in right mind, body and spirit.

Spirit is indeed what we shared. As we got acquainted, we shared with each other there was something bigger "out there" in the universe but we really didn’t know what it was. It was spirit, serendipity, but our intelligent side just resorted to *I don’t know* and we'll hopefully find out when our lives are over. This is when we began to exchange our deep thoughts with one another and a great respect started. It was a spirit-filled love for one another and our eyes would messenger to one another when we were filling this spirit of life.

As I write, I’m tearing up. I miss Jeff’s beautiful teeth, blue eyes and hilarious Beavis-esque clenched-fist gesture when we was excited about something. He and Tiffany were there when I met Greg Goodwin and they were there for our *first kiss* — the best kiss I’ve ever experienced that then later turned into a life together. All of us were married in 2005. What a year!

Jeff loved being a husband and taking care and loving his precious Tiffany, and had a natural fatherly side making you to feel nurtured and listened to whenever you needed to talk. He also had a natural pragmatic side I loved and was able to work through challenges easily while staying focused on the bigger picture.

On the lighter side, Jeff had a large database of permanent memories of Tribe and had an amazing recall of experiences from way back, which was always a lot of fun to listen to.

If Jeff wanted to connect with you, he would pin you into a corner and *talk your head off.* — I will miss this the most.

Jeff Elo, I will miss you dearly.

~ Rebecca M. Whitworth

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