Richard Davis

Dear Jeff,

Good byes are always tough to say and we've said them to each other many times over the last couple of years. But this one is different because I guess it is all the little ones spoken together one last time.

Robyn and I wish we could have looked you in your always smiling blue eyes, and hugged you a little harder the last time we parted. We would've told you how much we will miss your kind energy; always positive, curious, and mischievous. I would have asked you to leave me just a little of your razor sharp analytical mind because we all know you were given more than your share anyway. I loved to ask you questions like "how does this work ?" or " how is this made ?" and you would explain without hesitation or condescension. We both admired the devotion and undeniable love you and Tiff had found for each other that was complimentary, unique and true.

We were sad to see you go to Sydney and felt the void in our lives, but always quelled those mild aches with the reassurance that we'd have a really fun reunion in a few months……

In moving on in your spiritual path, you are leaving us here to ponder more stark realities of our existence than is comfortable, and sometimes even tolerable. I hope you'll check with all of us from time to time to lend us a guiding hand when we most need it.

Rico and Robyn

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