Sari Karplus

I am very lucky to have known Jeff— he was this unique balance of smart and cool. Not only could he trade a mean Simpsons quote (mmmm, sacrilicious) and answer any random technical question, but he's the only guy I knew stylin' enough to pull off leather pants.

My favorite Jeff story is the night he and Tiff came to one of my shows. They were seated up front, which meant being in the line of fire to be picked on by the performers. They seemed fine with it, but I was worried… Needless to say, something happened that I've never seen before. Jeff got heckled. But he was "heckled" for being perfect. The comic described what he pictured Jeff's perfect life to be like— citing the white bmw (true!) and being part of the perfect couple (also true!). Maybe he was onto something… Jeff seemed to have it all. He was cool as a cucumber and yet never failed to pursue what made him happy.

I will miss Jeff. He was not only my friend, but someone I looked up to.

Live Laugh Love.

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