Sf Bay Area

Jeff's time in the San Francisco Bay Area

Rebecca Donaldson says: I've started going through my pictures and am looking for all I can contribute to this page. His time here in S.F. was epic and wonderful. I'm glad to have shared a good chunk of it with him.

Greg Goodwin says: Tunes!! For our wedding in 2005, Jelo made Rebecca and I a special DJ mix called Booph that we really love. You can listen to and download it here: http://www.nowupload.com/:s3k

Kim Roseman says: A million different memories - Dolores Park, Halloween(s), The view from Corwin, The trip between Corwin and Durari Castle, Endless talks about books and science and technology, Funkytown, Good music, Jelo spinning in his living room, A funny blue hat, Big smiles and warm welcomes, A white furry vest, Philosophy, An upside down bikini top, KimEric Engagement Party (thrown by Jeffany) with Vegas flair, The view from the side of our eyes looking at the top of our sky, Solving problems together (and making things work better), New Years Eve(s), Playing on a swing-set, Being willing to disagree and discuss, Lots of laughter, A million happy hellos, B-day wishes, Often-repeated stories, Improbable coincidences, and tons of love…

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