Shipra Shukla

The first time I met Tiffany and Jeff I was 15 feet in the air, it was March 2002. I felt an instant connection and a deep desire to want to know both of them more. In getting to know Jeff it felt like something fit for me. As if there was a void in myself that I was aware was there, but didn't quite know how to address.

Jeff was so whole. I was amazed by this smart, witty, good looking, open, warm, caring individual. His love for life his whole being and how he engaged with the world allowed me to realize that I could embrace the different parts of myself and be whole as well.

I have so many images in my mind of Jelo…Jelo cooking dinner on Corwin Street, Jelo rock climbing at Mission Cliffs, Jelo having long conversations about politics, Jelo on the waters off the coast of Mexico — on the deck of a boat that carried his friends and family to the place he and Tiffany were married at, Jelo in Los Angeles driving in his car, Jelo re-mixing songs for a performance I was doing, Jelo's smile, Jelo's wit…the images in my mind go on and on.

As years moved forward I would grow in so many ways because of my relationship with Jeff and Tiffany. Jeff remains with me and will continue to. Who I am today is because I was blessed to have known him.

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