We could write a book about our experiences with Jelo, but Rebecca and I keyed in on one moment in particular that we look back on with an unusual amount of fondness that sums it all up for us.

We were out with Jelo in LA at John Digweed New Year's Eve show in 2004 and deep into the night the best track of the night was finally dropped. We all looked at each other with that knowing look among close friends where words aren't necessary - you just know what the other person is thinking. The moment had arrived. Driven to that unique mental and physical state where musical ecstacy meets a sense of transcendent freedom, we gave each other 'the look' and proceeded to dance our asses off, dancing harder than we had all night. We were listening to great music with great friends and taking in life in a simple, beautiful, and pure way…something many people in this life will unfortunately never know. Jelo, Rebecca, and I spoke about this on the way home that night - how important life experiences like that were to us - and we've never forgotten it since.

Of course, we had far more moments away from the dance floor with Jelo than on it. The specifics are too numerous to mention, but the theme was always the same: Jelo was a warm, generous, sweet guy…and a great friend. We miss him terribly. Truth be told, we still can't quite believe he's gone.


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