Tracey Weller

By what we consider a lucky chance, Wayne and I met Jeff and Tiffany at a club in Sydney mid 2007. We'd planned on going there a few weeks earlier but had to reschedule and ended up there the same night as Jeffany.

What started out as a fairly quiet night became much more fun when Tiff and Jeff joined our table and the four of us were engrossed in conversation for over two hours! We knew we'd found some people who were on the same wavelength, with lots in common and swapped numbers at the end of the night.

From then on, we'd meet for dinner, cocktails and great nights out about every 4 weeks and really got to know each other fairly well.

The fact that we had so much in common was such a pleasant surprise for both couples. Wayne is not your stereotypical aussie who goes to the pub for a beer with the blokes and to watch a game of footy. I think Jeff had wondered if he'd fit in with guys like that and so was pleased to find that Wayne wasn't one of them. I think they also recognised the rarity of their kind in a place like Australia. Like Jeff, Wayne is quite technically minded, so they could speak the same language. We'd also swap travel stories, (coincidentally, our favourite destination is the US which we have explored almost annually for the last 15-plus years), had both lived overseas, liked nice nights out, had a cheeky side, held similar views and opinions. We thought we had it made. We'd found our kindred spirits.

We really looked forward to our nights out, the four of us always making an effort to dress nicely. This meant I got to see Jeff in his favourite leathers on more than occasion, as well as some of Tiff's costumes!!

Jeff was observant, attentive, flirty and complimentary which made me feel a million dollars. I was always struck by Jeff's intelligence, he had such well thought out views on everything and I remember one night, after many cocktails, sitting on his sofa discussing US politics and the health care system, among other things.

The way he and Tiff got along as a couple was also very inspiring. Very caring, accepting and supportive of each other. You knew there was a deep connection there.

Our utter shock and disbelief that Jeff has gone is a physical sensation. While we only knew Jeff for 9 months, we absolutely anticipated a long future for our friendship and it's devestating that the world has lost this intelligent, sensitive, fearless person who didn't sit on the sidelines and watch life go by but truly seemed to have lived life to the fullest. Our hearts are broken but we're so honoured to have known Jeff for the time we did.

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