Wayne Weller

I was both lucky and unfortunate enough to know Jeff for 9 months. Lucky because he was such a great guy, unfortunate because it was only 9 months.

When we first met Jeffany it was astounding how many things Jeff & Tiff and Tracey & I had in common. We had been to, and liked the same places, including of all things, Raging Rapids in San Dimas!! We all shared the same points of view on many things and understood each other right off the bat. We had an instant kinship that is so hard to find in this world.

Jeff will never know what he meant to me. I could associate with Jeff like no one else I have ever met. In Jeff, I saw a best friend. We could talk computer talk (although I was certainly not in the same league as Jeff), have a cocktail and put shit on things like the imperial system together!!

I am obviously not alone in this sentiment as this Wiki and the comments in the Jeffany Blog prove. Jeff was easy to like and his great passion of everything was infectious.

To the Elo's - I am incredibly sorry for the loss of this great person, he will be sorely missed and the pain we feel is justifiably a reflection of the love we felt for him.

Miss you Jeff.

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